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LIVE STREAM | We'll Be Live From Tonight's Meeting

Posted: Thu 16 Feb 2017
Author: Carl Hogan

Media Team live broadcast from 7.30pm...

Tonight's meeting from the Centenary Club which contains special announcements will be broadcast live on YouTube by the Media Team.

We are anticipating that the broadcast will start at 7.30pm.

This live broadcast will contain several special announcements, along with questions and answers from the floor, going up until the break (at around 8.30pm). We'll also be taking questions on the stream to pose to board members in attendance.

After the break the stream will end and the meeting will continue just for WST members in attendance at the Cent.

You can watch the broadcast here: YouTube Live - Wrexham AFC

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Sign up today or sign in to YouTube using your Google+ account to take part in the live chat during the stream.