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PLAYERHD | This Week On Wrexham PlayerHD

Posted: Mon 20 Mar 2017
Author: Wrexham PlayerHD
Wrexham PlayerHD

Wrexham PlayerHD

Image by: Media Team

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Welcome to this week's round up from Wrexham PlayerHD.

We have the 'extended edited match footage' (does that make you feel better about it?) from FGR 3-0 Wrexham:

More reaction to follow.

Coming up this week:
1. Commentary of Barrow v Wrexham on Tuesday 21st March from 7.30pm.
2. Extended highlights from Barrow v Wrexham.
3. Match reaction from Barrow v Wrexham.
4. Commentary of Wrexham v Torquay United on Saturday 25th March from 2.45pm.
5. Extended HD highlights from Wrexham v Torquay United.
6. Match reaction from Wrexham v Torquay United.