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How to join our men's mental health peer support group

Dragon Chat

Mental health concerns can affect any of us at any time; we are all vulnerable to the stresses of life and nobody is immune to the challenges especially during the current pandemic.


Feelings of isolation and vulnerability can increase leading thoughts of suicide which are distressing for the person.


There are alternatives to suicide so give yourself some time to find some help, some support with coping and talk to others about how you are really feeling.


Allow others to care for you just as you would if your best friend came to tell you they are experiencing suicidal thoughts - talk to yourself as you would talk to your friend.


Although the support of family and friends is crucial for people who may be at risk of suicide it is not always enough. Often more formal help is also needed.


There are also many experienced and skilled people working in mental health support organisations who can help people who need to talk. 


What can we do as an individual to help? By creating a safe, supportive space we can signal to people experiencing poor mental health and/or suicidal thoughts there is hope, we care about them and want to support them. Talking is the first step although it can often be the hardest one. 


Dragon Chat and Wrexham AFC would encourage any person struggling with suicidal thoughts to reach out and ask for help by contacting their local mental health services or GP and if you are experiencing immediate difficulties contact C.A.L.L helpline on 0800 132 737 or attend emergency services. 



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Dragon Chat is here every Thursday evening, 7:00pm to 8:30pm to allow you a safe place to talk. Should you have any questions regarding the group format or want to learn more, you can contact 


The link to this weeks meeting is below. 


Join Zoom Meeting: Click Here


Meeting ID: 828 9569 2719

Passcode: 397759

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