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HUMPHREY KER COLUMN | "The more people who want to join us on that story the better, says I"

Our Executive Director on milestone birthdays without midweek football, goals galore and Blyth

13 October 2022

I turned 40 on Tuesday under some of the bleakest of conditions known to mankind: a week without a midweek matchday.

Far from a day of jollity and laughter where any celebrations played second fiddle to the thrill of hearing Ollie Palmer, Paul Mullin and Aaron Hayden walloping in the goals against some hapless opposition, it was marked by a sense of my creeping mortality and a profound hunger for goals.

Fortunately, Saturday provided a glut of delicious netbusters to satiate even the greediest of goalpigs, such as myself. 7-5 versus Barnet was, and I came up with this description myself, a mad game. The first 12-goal game in the league since 1894 when Sherlock Holmes was top of the charts, the Queen Vic was a head of State and not a pub, and Wrexham triumphed over local rivals Caergwrle Wanderers by deploying an unconventionally defensive 1-1-8 formation. 

The highlights, including my favourite moment, an absolute, ocean-going, weapons-grade wallop from skipper Luke Young, have drawn huge numbers across the WrexhamPlayer platform as well as both the BT Sport and Club's Youtube account; a testament to the pulling power of the documentary and the huge number of new fans we are attracting.

I would like to say thank you to the legions of "legacy" fans - those who have been around a lot longer than I - who have done so much to welcome these new suporters into the fold. In my wanderings through the digital territory of the Club,  I have seen no gatekeeping and no rejection of those who earnestly have come to learn more about the Cub and the City.

The final episodes of this season air today in the UK and while the documentary's story is wrapping up, there is so much more of the real story of Wrexham AFC to be told.  The more people who want to join us on that story the better, says I.

That story picks up again on Saturday with a trip to Blyth Spartans in the FA Cup. Blyth played their part on a memorable clash between the two sides in the Fifth Round of the FA Cup in 1978 and there was much excitement when the draw was announced.

I am particularly thrilled as I am returning from the US just in time for the game, landing in Newcastle at 9.20am on Saturday morning. Did I book my flight to originally get in at 12.40? Yes. Did those swines at ESPN and the FA move the game to 1pm so I had to rearrange my flights? Yes. Did they give any consideration to the, what-I-assume-to-be, hundreds of Wrexham and Blyth fans making the pilgrimage from LA to Newcastle for the game? No.

I have seen one or two words of complaint that the decision to move the game was ours, or that we have brokered the deal with ESPN. Unfortunately not, otherwise I would have arranged it to have it played on the weird astroturf just down the road from home, here in LA.

Instead, I will be found in Amsterdam airport at 6.05am on Saturday eating the Dutch equivalent of a Ginsters, much like most of our travelling fans. If you see me there, please forgive me if I smell like an old donkey and fall asleep in the toilet. It is just the travel. I swear.

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