ANTI-BULLYING WEEK | Adult bullying in the work place

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Fri 20 Nov 2020

Our anti-bullying week resources have this week focused on resources and information for school-age children, but bullying does not just apply to children.

Bullying can happen at any time of life, as an adult in your work place or through friendship groups or at home. Just because you are an adult does not mean that bullying is acceptable.

There are a variety or reasons why an individual is targeted by bullies. The answer may be because you are different in some ways, or because the bullies perceive you to be a threat. Bullying is abuse of power.

There is no simple explanation and no two cases are the same. What matters is how you respond and what you do about the situation.

If you believe you are being bullied, do some research. There are useful links below for more advice. Keep a diary (at home) and keep key documents, research material, policies etc.

Put a plan together. Be careful not to remove confidential data from the workplace before redacting it but keep file notes of discussions you have with management or with HR.

Bullying can initially lead to tearfulness, feelings of anxiety, distress, loss of confidence, loss of sleep, nausea etc. Anti-bullying helplines can be extremely busy on a Sunday night, because a bullied employee will face the bully on a Monday morning. Does this sound familiar?

If matters are not resolved quickly, these feelings of insecurity and ill-health can escalate to something far more serious, such as Work-Related Stress or other health-related disorders.

Over time, these can be long lasting and deep-rooted and trigger weeks or even months of Work-Related Stress absence.

If you notice your confidence levels slipping, or your performance levels dropping, examine your circumstances. Most importantly, do not ignore it. Please speak to someone.

More information

If you are affected by today’s articles and information, and would like support or more information, please make use of the following resources:

National Anti-Bullying Helpline UK                

Bullying UK

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Wrexham AFC would like to thank all three organisations for their permission to use content from their websites and for supporting the club with this week-long campaign.

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