ANTI-BULLYING WEEK | Day four - what is verbal bullying?

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Thu 19 Nov 2020

Verbal bullying can, and does, affect people’s feelings. We have all heard the ‘sticks and stones’ saying, but how true is this in reality? Not all forms of bullying leave bruises but the impact can be as profound.

If you see someone being insulted, you may think they are taking it as a joke, but how a person feels inside may not show on the outside.

If it becomes regular, the victim may change their behaviour as a result of the bullying and it can also impact other areas of their life. This includes friendships, school work and family life.

So where is the line between banter and bullying? A young person going through something like this might feel intimidated or feel under pressure not to make a fuss because others are saying it is just a joke.

If it is a one-off incident, it is easier to view this as banter. When the name calling or insults become persistent and regular, however, then this is bullying.

Likewise, it is about how you feel – if something makes you uncomfortable, and you have told them to stop and they have not, then it is what is classed as verbal bullying.

Verbal bullying can be about anything from weight, appearance or disability, to race, sexuality or gender. Being on the receiving end of verbal bullying can have devastating consequences.

Again, not all forms of bullying leaves bruises. Wrexham AFC’s Disability Liaison Officer, Kerry Evans, has prepared this video on her personal experience of verbal bullying when she was in school.

Further resources for primary-school age children can be found here, and for secondary age children here.

More information

If you are affected by today’s articles and information, and would like support or more information, please make use of the following resources:

National Anti-Bullying Helpline UK                

Bullying UK

Anti-Bullying Alliance

Wrexham AFC would like to thank all three organisations for their permission to use content from their websites and for supporting the club with this week-long campaign.

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