ANTI-BULLYING WEEK | Physical bullying information for primary age children

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Fri 13 Nov 2020

Physical bullying is perhaps the easiest form of bullying to spot. If someone kicks, punches, slaps, pushes, trips, spits, steals or damages your property, books or clothes, then that is physical bullying.

Bullying could be something that happens every day, but also less often. The impact can be the same, however, making you feel very sad or not want to go to school to see your friends.

Try and be brave, and don’t show the bully you are scared or upset. If you feel brave enough, then tell the bully – what you did is not OK, it is not nice, please stop.

Bullying is never OK, and nobody should ever hurt you on purpose.

If you think someone has been being nasty to you, or hurting you, always tell your parent/guardian or your teacher.

The following video has been prepared for primary age children:

SONG OF THE DAY: Hunter Hays – Invisible

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