ASK AWAY | Jordan Ponticelli

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Mon 02 Nov 2020

Wrexham striker Jordan Ponticelli is the first up in a new series 'Ask Away'. Dragons players answer 12 questions on football and non-football giving you the insight into what makes them tick.

1 - What’s your dream car?

My dream car would be the Lamborghini Urus, I love Lamborghini’s and this is a 4x4 version which looks even better.

2 - Favourite Boots?

My favourite boots would be the Nike Mercurial Vapour because they were the comfiest boots I’ve ever owned I loved the colourway, and I scored quite a lot of goals in them



3 - First Name on the Back of a football shirt?

I think the first name on the back of a shirt would’ve been Rooney on an England shirt, I never really got football shirts with names on but I think that was my first.

4 - Worst clothes at the club?

In the short time I’ve been here I’d have to say Mark Carrington, I’ve seen one or two strange tracksuits that were questionable so I’d say him!

5 - First song you play on the drive to training?

Right Above It - Lil Wayne, this is probably one of my favourite songs and it’s a great song to get me in the mood to play football.

6 - What’s your unpopular opinion?

Probably have to be that humans are the only problem to the earth.

7 - If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Shawshank Redemption, no brainer really, the best film ever.

8 - What’s the best holiday destination?

From my past holidays, it would have to be Florida, the place, the weather and the things you can do there is just amazing. For somewhere I’d like to go and think as “the best” would be Bora Bora.

9 - Who’s the worst for picking up fines in the squad?

I wouldn’t say there’s one person who’s particularly bad at getting fined really that stands out, there’s just a load of pointless fines!

10 - Messi or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo, nothing can convince me otherwise.

11 - Could you go a month without your phone?

Yes, I’m on social media and stuff but I’m not massive on it, as long as I’ve got Netflix and sports on TV I’d be content.

12 - Would you rather fight 10,000 ant-sized horses or one horse-sized ant?

One horse-sized ant cause I’d have a good go at it and seeing 10,000 ant-sized horses would creep me out too much, not a big fan of little insect type animals!

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