ASK AWAY | Mark Carrington

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Wed 04 Nov 2020

Wrexham's versatile stalwart Mark Carrington is next up in our 'ask away' series.

1 - What’s your dream car?

Dream car would have to be a G wagon, I wouldn’t last five minutes in a Lamborghini with my back these days!

2 - Favourite Boots?

When I was a kid it was always Adidas Predators like Becks but now I’m Adidas x18. Fit like a glove.

3 - First Name on the Back of a football shirt?

My first name on the back of a shirt was 'Ince 8' on my United shirt, a week later he signed for Inter and I was gutted!

4 - Worst clothes at the club?

I’ve just noticed JP [Jordan Ponticelli] said me which is outrageous! But I can’t come back at him really his gear is just billy basic, I’m going to say my mate Dibble for his tracky bottoms which have more bobbles than Nine Acre.

5 - First song you play on the drive to training?

I’ve started listening to podcasts on the way in recently. 'Under the Cosh', I like listening to the old pros' stories. But with Xmas around the corner, Chris Rea driving home for Christmas will be making an appearance soon.

6 - What’s your unpopular opinion?

I’ve just asked my Mrs what’s my unpopular opinion but she said I’d be here all day and most of them are too controversial. My unpopular opinion footballing wise is coaching badges! I don’t see why even after playing for so many years you need a badge to say you can coach, football is just a game of opinions and you learn on the job not sat in a class room. The game is far too structured now that’s why it’s not as fun anymore.

7 - If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I do like a film but I think Step Brothers is my favourite, easy watch which never gets old.

8 - What’s the best holiday destination?

Wow tough question, very hard to narrow it down to one, I’ve been to so many amazing places. Probably have to say Dubai though if I was pushed as it literally has everything and we have some good memories from there.

9 - Who’s the worst for picking up fines in the squad?

I’m the tax man in charge of collecting fines and there is normally one player who sponsors the Xmas do each year. It’s been a slow start though this year with all the COVID restrictions so nobody has really stood out yet, but I have a few candidates I think may be paying their fair share. Adi [Yussuf] is my favourite at the moment.

10 - Messi or Ronaldo?

Ronaldo all day for me. The guy is a joke, I’m not a massive fan of Messi which is probably another unpopular opinion.

11 - Could you go a month without your phone?

Yes quite easily, as long as you could get hold of me to make sure the kids are fine, I could give up the social media side no problem. Sometimes it’s nice to switch off.

12 - Would you rather fight 10,000 ant-sized horses or one horse-sized ant?

Probably the strangest question I’ve ever been asked. It would have to be 10,000 ant sized horses though. Boiling hot kettle water would see them off in no time. Horse-size ant sounds dangerous!

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