ASK AWAY | Shaun Pearson

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Thu 10 Dec 2020

The skipper is next up in the series answering a host of questions in 'ask away'.

1 - What’s your dream car?

Not really a car person, but I do like the old school Land Rover Defenders.

2 - Favourite Boots?

Favourite boots would be whatever the cheapest option is! I’ve always just gone with a black pair of Nikes and other than that I wouldn't know what they are called to be honest!

3 - First Name on the Back of a football shirt?

The first I can remember is Chris Smith who was a centre half for York city, probably not many people will know of him!

4 - Worst clothes at the club?

I’m probably going to get a lot of votes for this, but I’ll say any of the three goalies as I know it will upset them.

5 - First song you play on the drive to training?

I listen to either Capital or Heart Radio, so whatever is on either of those stations.

6 - What’s your unpopular opinion?

If you don’t vote when we have a general election, don’t moan about the decisions politicians make.

7 - If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything with Denzel Washington in, my favourite one is probably 'Remember the Titans'.

8 - What’s the best holiday destination?

I have been fortunate enough to visit a few places, but my favourite was Hawaii. Beautiful place.

9 - Who’s the worst for picking up fines in the squad?

We were due to pay fines before the break so will have to answer that once we've collected and I’ve seen whose been totting them up.

10 - Messi or Ronaldo?

I usually sit on the fence with this question, but I will just say Ronaldo because of the fact he’s been to the three best top-flight divisions and produced in all three.

11 - Could you go a month without your phone?

I'd like to think I would yes, the hardest part would not being able to keep up to date with football scores and information without it.

12 - Would you rather fight 10,000 ant-sized horses or one horse-sized ant?

I’ll go one horse-sized ant.

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