#AskCarlos | Carlos Edwards Answers Your Questions

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Wed 03 Jun 2020

Wrexham icon Carlos Edwards spent five seasons at the Racecourse Ground and won a plethora of plaudits from the Dragons faithful both on and off the field. 

Remembered as one of the great players of the 2000s, Carlos went on to have a sensational career both in the Premier League and internationally and here he answers your questions.

1) Who was the best player you played with at Wrexham? - Jon Baldwin on Instagram.

The best player I played with at Wrexham would be Darren Ferguson, quality, loved a moan up but top quality!

2) Off the field what did you find strangest about living in Wrexham after coming from T&T? - Andy Davies on Twitter.

The strangest thing obviously would have to be the weather, raining, cold! And the people were always friendly, loved it.

3) What's your biggest regret in football? - Sean Prince on Twitter

Don't have any regrets, every decision, made me into a better player, person and I learnt a lot during my years.

4) We met you at the Racecourse many times and even in Wrexham town and you were always so polite and gave time to fans. What advice would you give to young footballers who ignore their fans? - Neal on Twitter

I don't agree with ignoring fans especially young fans, as players emotions run high, so I understand they have some egos, but no need to ignore your fans, they have emotions also, it should be mutual respect.

5) Are there any top young Trinidad & Tobago players who should be following the path that yourself, Hector & Dennis coming over to play at the Racecourse? - Richard Edge on Twitter.

There are a lot of talented players in Trinidad and Tobago who can follow our path, but there's a lot of things you have to put into place, luck, attitude, desire everyone thinks talent will get you where you wanna go, its a start.

6) What was it like working with Roy Keane? - Robert Harrison on Twitter

Working under Roy Keane was great, a bit crazy but very disciplined, he's a winner.

7) Was there a big move you wanted to happen in your career but never materialised for whatever reason? Sean Prince on Twitter 

I would of love a big move, but every club that I played for in my mind that was my big move. I just wanted to enjoy my football and not focus on a big move.

8) What difference does the crowd make when playing? How do you think you'd have got on in a behind-closed-doors league game? - Matty Webber on Twitter

The crowd plays a very big part, I get paid to entertain them and that's the beauty of the fans. I think I would get on pretty well, behind close doors, you have your teammates there to drive you on, just without the fans.

9) If you hadn't been a footballer, what would you have liked to have done? - Ann Butler on Twitter

Most people don't know I was in the military, so if I wasn't a footballer, I would have been a soldier, I love guns!

10) Do you remember how bevvied you were in the bar on the ferry on the way home from the Isle of Man, and Lee Jones volleyed a can of coke overboard, good times weren’t they fella! - Johnpaul McDonald on Twitter.

Hahaha! sorry but that day on the ferry, was just a blur, but yes, great times they were, crazy stuff! 

11) What was your favourite moment in a Wrexham shirt? - Ben Hampton on Twitter

Firstly there can be a lot of moments I can mention, but making my full league debut for Wrexham would always be my favourite moment.

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