COMMUNITY | Dragon Chat Extra Time for World Mental Health Day 2020

Macclesfield Town
Posted:Fri 09 Oct 2020

Wrexham AFC have introduced Dragon Chat to provide a safe space for men to talk, without judgement and attempt to tackle the challenges of stigma surrounding mental health.

In these uncertain times of COVID restrictions many of us have found ourselves more isolated than at any other time and I am sure we are all missing attending a football game with our fellow Wrexham AFC supporters.

On Saturday 10 October, to mark World Mental Health day, there will be a Zoom call between 10am-11am, Dragon Chat Extra Time, with an open invitation for ALL fans to join and have a conversation about mental health without judgement should you wish to.

It is intended to be an informal session with the onus on connecting with fellow supporters and enjoying a social chat. Please feel free to attend if you are over 18 years old.

Join the Zoom call here.
Meeting ID - 977 3838 2414
Passcode – 934715

We have been sent the following heart-breaking letter from a family recently affected by suicide and with permission have published it below as it beautifully sums up the effect such a loss has on a family.

*Please note, the following letter contains content some may find distressing. If you are affected by the topics discussed in this letter, please use the resources linked below.*

2020 will be a year many will never forget. My family will not too.

I am heartbroken that my kind, funny, loving and talented, brother, Brian, took his own life, earlier this year. He was only 50.

He was my world and I never expected him to do this. The pain of this loss is intense and constant. It will be with me, my mum and my twin brother for the rest of our lives. My twin brother finds it so painful to deal with. He has some learning disability from a hit and run driver when he was little.

Brian always used to say that he was ok, with a smile. I always thought he was strong enough to cope with anything, but I guess he didn't have the courage to reach out to anyone.

I never thought I would be left alone and lose a sibling. It's a lonely, painful place to be. I miss him so much. After he had passed away, we discovered the extent of his loneliness.

This is so painful to live with, as I am a person that would give everything for another. Loneliness, anxiety and depression destroys the soul, but everyone has a choice to reach out for help.

Everyone is worth much more than they think. Every life is worth fighting for. It doesn't have to end in the same way as my brother.

I am appealing to people sincerely, to not ignore mental health. It can affect any of us. Because you cannot see it, it doesn't always mean that someone is ok.

Men tend to put a brave face on it, or see it as a sign of weakness to ask for help, but it takes a lot of courage to ask and you have strength when you do.

I am pleading with communities, neighbours, friends, colleagues to care about your fellow human. Reach out to people who live alone. Even just actively listening will help that person more than you know.

Sadly, we only get one life. Please change someone's for the better.

In the hope of getting the conversation started and raising funds in memory of my brother, I have set up a fundraiser in memory of Brian. It's been difficult to get people to engage as there is still a stigma with some people over this subject.

This has left us broken and empty as a family. My wishes for the rest of my life are:

  • To break through the stubborn stigma which I am ashamed people still have will mental illness, so no one feels ashamed to ask for help.
  • To make my brother's life mean something including everyone else's who may be suffering in silence.
  • To get as many people to value their fellow human, to reach out to them and genuinely care.

Thank you so much,

The following links can be used should you be affected by the issues highlighted in the letter:

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