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Posted:Sat 25 Apr 2020

The following resources were provided by WST Community Member Stephen Lloyd.

We are all facing massive challenges posed by COVID-19 and are flooded with thoughts about what the future may hold for us which can impact our mental wellbeing. Feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, sadness or any number of emotions which have not been made can wash over us making us feel overwhelmed and vulnerable sending our brains into survival mode.

So, what can we do to and what can we do to help control our emotions in these challenging times? Evidence shows if we are able to do five simple things each day it can improve our emotional and mental wellbeing.

The Five Ways To Wellbeing Are:

  • Connect - Laugh together, support each other, play a game, use social media to video chat, share positive experiences
  • Be active - Go for a walk within the recommended guidelines, do some gardening, walk up the stairs, dance in your living room, yoga
  • Learn - Watch a documentary, follow a recipe, learn a new fact, listen to someone talking about their passion for a particular subject
  • Give - Share ideas, share advice, share knowledge, make a loved one a cuppa, call someone on the phone
  • Take notice - Be aware of the present moment, take note of what you can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Take notice of when you are not feeling ok and use the opportunity to connect, get active, learn or give and help you to feel that bit better.

Look after yourselves, be kind to each other and reach out to those close to you in this current climate. Should you have any concerns for your mental health please see your GP in the first instance for support.

Below we have collated a lot of resources which may be helpful for you in regards to supporting and promoting good mental health but obviously we may have missed something specific which is relevant to your situation. Please contact [email protected] should you require information for a more specific mental health condition which has not been covered below. This email should not be used if you are in a crisis or emergency, please use the urgent help advice below.

Urgent Help

  • In cases of emergency where risk is imminent call 999
  • If any person has taken an overdose they need to be taken to nearest District General Hospital immediately for treatment, (if required)
  • If a person has self-harm and the injury requires medical treatment go to the appropriate medical setting (G.P, Minor Injury Unit or Accident &Emergency Department) depending on the injury
  • If a person expresses suicidal thoughts and goes missing, call the Police on 999 or 101 and report what has happened. Make sure you tell the Police about any previous overdoses, suicidal ideation or destructive behaviour that has caused injuries
  • C.A.L.L helpline 0800 132 737

Coronavirus Specific

Anxiety/ Depression

Links to breathing exercises and mindfulness

  • Relaxation and breathing exercises can help manage stress, but do require regular practice: Click Here
  • Calm: Click Here


Self-help guides for a range of mental health conditions

  • A range of mental health self-help guides available in both Welsh and English: Click Here

Domestic violence

  • Support if you are experiencing domestic abuse: Click Here

Support for specific conditions

Other Educational Resources

Latest information on COVID-19:

Other key sources of national information, advice and guidance:

  • The Public Health Wales statement on novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is updated daily: Click Here
  • Policy and advice for the NHS in Wales (COVID-19) is available from the Public Health Wales website: Click Here 
  • Welsh Government policy and guidance: Click Here
  • UK Government policy and guidance: Click Here

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